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Managed IT services

Typically within a business, there is one executive or staff member who in addition to their “day job” manages your IT infrastructure. While they are competent at their job, todays IT complexities often overwhelm them. IT is not their primary calling, they may be able to handle some day to day functionality issues, server and infrastructure issues are simply beyond them. When they go on vacation your IT support is on a “wing and a prayer”. Worse when they quit, all information about your IT infrastructure, vendors and issues walks out of the door with them. The end result is either a temporary Band-Aid fix and the problem resurfaces, or endless of hours of down time. Users are constantly having to come up with work arounds.

Long before Managed IT Services became the buzz word it is today, Lansend has been providing it to our clients since 1990. With Lansend as your managed IT service provider , you are assured of end to end support from desktops , to servers and network infrastructure.

When Lansend comes on board we do not come on board as a vendor or even a partner. We see ourselves as an employee of your company performing a valuable albeit imperceptible task of keeping your IT Infrastructure running. Not only do we keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly and efficiently, we take over the burden of liaising with other vendors and contractors such as the Copy Machine vendor, Phone vendor, postage machine etc. Anybody who requires access to the IT infrastructure.

In Managing YOUR IT Infrastructure our goal is simple. Perform maintenance in the least intrusive way possible, keep you IT infrastructure running smoothly and efficiently. And beyond that understand your business and look for methods for improving operations and cutting expenses.




Our motto, slogan and philosophy is simple.
we make IT work!
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