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Web Application Development

" Lansend's Solutions becomes indispensable to your strat‘e’gy. We not only formulate a Web Development strat‘e’gy but also implement it for you... "

Web based systems and applications deliver a complex array of content and functionality to a broad population of end-users. Web engineering/development is the process used to create high-quality web applications. Web development is not a perfect clone of software engineering, but it borrows many of software engineering’s fundamental concepts and principles, emphasizing the same technical and management activities. There are subtle differences in the way these activities are conducted, but an overriding philosophy that dictates a disciplined approach to the development of a computer based system is identical.

As web applications become increasing integrated in business strategies for small and large companies, the need to build reliable, usable, and adaptable systems grows in importance. That’s why a disciplined approach to web application development is necessary.

Like any engineering discipline, we at Lansend Software Solutions apply a generic approach to web development that is tempered with specialized strategies, tactics, and methods. Our web development process begins with a formulation of the problem to be solved by the web application. The project is planned, and the requirements of the web applications are analyzed. Architectural, navigational, and interfaces design are conducted. The system is implemented using specialized languages and tools associated with the web, and testing commences. Because web applications evolve continuously, mechanisms for configuration control, quality assurance, and ongoing support are needed.

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Vivek Nayak, Technical Director
We approached Lansend late last year for help with our small office server. The IT service company that we were using at the time was basically non-responsive. After Lansend reviewed our system, they found that one of the three drives in our server had failed ...   Read More
Bentzy Klein, CEO
Where have you been all these years, since you guys took over my IT department I can focus on my own business without headaches every second day, you have been a life saver. I would & will recommend you to all my friends. I hope you have great success for many...   Read More
Robert Hebron, Principal
The absolute top tier in IT help. These guys are the best, they refuse to quit until a problem is solved, no matter how difficult is it. They follow up to assure the problem has been solved, and have no problem walking you through pain-staking setups when ...   Read More
Doug Hepler, President

Polyshot Corporation has used Lansend as our exclusive supplier for the development of code, complete ERP system development and web development for about 4 years now. Through this entire time over multiple projects, Lansend has continued to exceed ou...   Read More

Nan J. Morrison
Just wanted to thank you and your team for the recent service call. As usual – extremely knowledgeable technically, courteous, explained all service procedures, thorough, told me what not bother with, good advice. A delight to do business with in all ways. Thi...   Read More
Hy Livingston

There are 4 attributes that make for a successful business.... Quality , Service Price and Delivery.
When doing business with Lansend , their price is always fair, the service is beyond anything you expect and their delivery is always prompt and n...   Read More

Cyrus Davierwalla, President & CEO
Avesta Computer Services considers Lansend a partner that is irreplaceable in terms of their commitment, service, attention to detail and round the clock availability. Time and again they have proved their worth by providing a level of service that exceeded ac...   Read More
Tony Massaro

In today’s busy world, it is rare that one takes the time to express their appreciation for a job well done. On the other hand, when something goes wrong, it virtually never goes unnoticed. We have been utilizing Lansend’s services for somewhere a...   Read More

Jonathan Stone

Prior to hiring Lansend, I was constantly having operation problems, they reconfigured my system and we have been problem free ever since. Working with their people has been a great experience.

Dr. Shah's Office , Office Administrator
In managing a physician practice, efficiency is central to the working of our office. At Lansend, their staff created a protective server setup for all our confidential data, created multiple virtual connections while optimizing and streamlining our billing de...   Read More
James B. Cloonan, President
Over the last three years Lansend has fulfilled all of our IT needs. They have been our sole source of network design, hardware and software installations, virtual private networking and security. Lansend's expertise and exceptional service has allowed us to ...   Read More
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