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Our roots are in Pc Consulting. When we started  in 1990 many of the small business to whom we provided consulting services to; could only afford one PC for the whole company, the PC was typically dedicated for a specific purpose. Moreover the PC was literally expected to last forever. This where our expertise helped the client purchase the right PC for the right job. Small businesses always were & continue to be on a tight budget.

Remeber the good old days !
Need a PC for Engineering design, buy a smaller hard drive & spend more on an EGA (remember? it preceded VGA) adapter & monitor. For accounting, need to store large amounts of client data, go for a Monochrome (remember the green screens) monitor & use the savings to buy a bigger hard drive, may be even a tape backup. Need to open large spreadsheets & create financial reports, splurge on a fast processor & whoa! 1MB of memory (required special software to use memory over 640KB).

Today in the age of the below $500 PC’s  our PC consulting services continue our tradition of working with small businesses to maximize their return on investment. It is simply not enough to go out & buy the fastest PC available at the chain Stores. Our PC consulting services ensure that the correct PC is procured for the task at hand. PCs have diverged into consumer PCs & Business PCs. Why buy a PC with surround sound, TV output & Windows 7 ultimate edition when all you do is word processing? Forgo the bells & whistles & use the savings to buy an extended warranty (read the fine print,many PC manufacturers have reduced warranty & or support to 90 days)

When you work with Lansend our PC consulting services ensure that you get the right PC each & every time.

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Lansend provides PC consulting services in the Tri State area including New York City  Manhattan Queens & Brooklyn.

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