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VOIP Solutions

Voice over IP (VOIP) has been around for a while. However, you were still required you to make massive investments in infrastructure equipment that required maintenance and upgrades, you needed a dedicated line and when that line went down your phones went dead. Moreover, every small change was complicated.So, although they leveraged the Internet, you still had old technology headaches.

Then dawned the age of the Hosted PBX, where all of your phone infrastructure was in the cloud. The only device you needed, was the phone on the desktop, and that too only if you wanted one. You could use an app on your computer, Pad, or mobile device as your phone and dispense with your physical Office phone completely. (Note this is not call forwarding to your phone).

Recognizing the advantage of the hosted PBX (Lansend has been using a hosted PBX VOIP system since 2010) Lansend signed up as a partner with Verizon to install and deploy Verizon Virtual Communications Express.

Verizon Virtual Communications Express

Enterprise business communications, right out of the box

Verizon Virtual Communications Express is a Cloud Based VoIP Systems & Business VoIP. With your communications services in the cloud, you can collaborate with ease, manage costs, and simplify what it takes to keep your business up and running with Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ mid-market and small business VoIP. By moving to a cloud-based phone system, you can avoid costly maintenance plans and added IT expenses.

Cloud-based communications, with enterprise features

Verizon Virtual Communications Express is a reliable mature alternative to on-premises phone systems with in-house management.

Virtual Communications Express offers advanced communications features delivered securely and reliably from the Verizon Cloud.

Easy to install, the Verizon Virtual Communications Express cloud-based VoIP system offers reliability even if your physical premise is
impacted by unplanned events.

Best of all Verizon Virtual Communications Express will work your existing broadband Internet service.

Lansend can help you ascertain if cloud-based hosted PBX is right for you

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Virtual Communications Express offers:

  • The ability to use your own broadband
  • Voice over IP service with unlimited local and domestic
    long-distance voice calling
  • Integration of instant messaging and phone presence
  • Available audio and video conferencing, desktop sharing and
    call recording features
  • The option to include IP phones as part of bundled service
  • Carrier-grade, redundant platform architecture
  • Business continuity features
  • Around-the-clock online training, support, billing access
    and self service