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Network Consulting Services

Continuing in our tradition of supporting the small business, our networking services are also geared towards the small business. For a small business investing in a computer network is a substantial capital expense and the small business owner expects immediate return on investment. Deciding on the appropriate hardware, software & infrastructure equipment can be quite daunting for the small business owner.

Do you need one large server or multiple small servers? How much disk space do you need? Onsite backup, offsite backup how do you decide? What amount of growth should be factored in? , What about disaster recovery, do you need it?
Even if your budget was unlimited you cannot simply throw money at it & expect it to work.

Lansend’s network consultants are certified & trained by major software & hardware vendor such as Microsoft, Cisco and HP to name a few. Lansend’s certified network consultants will work with you every step of the way from conception to deployment and provide ongoing server support all within your budget. Our network consultants will analyze your requirement , understand your business needs and prepare a solid recommendation of cost effective options. We will explain the pros & cons of every choice & help you arrive at a decision that is right for your business.

Very often setting up a network requires coordinating with outside vendors, such Electricians, Telecom providers, Internet Service Providers, Specialized software providers etc. Rest easy with Lansend’s network consultants on board we have it covered. We have been providing network consulting services to small business in New York City, Queens , Brooklyn & even some parts of New Jersey for more than 20 years & have seen it & done it all. Our network consultants will ensure that all the vendors are on the same page & coordinate their efforts to complete the project on time & within budget.

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Lansend provides network consulting services in New York City  Manhattan Queens and Brooklyn